Solar Batteries

Thinking about going solar? As California becomes more and more crowded, who wants to be dependent on the ISO grid to provide the electricity that they need. We install solar systems utilizing a special battery system that dramatically decreases your spend on electricity. Click thru for a simple video explanation.


What are solar batteries?

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Use Your Solar Energy Even When the Sun’s Not Shining

  • Solar panels collect energy from the sun. The Tabuchi system works with a variety of high efficiency panels from major brands.
  • The Tabuchi Hybrid Inverter intelligently manages power from your solar panels, battery, and the utility company to power your home and maximize energy savings.
  • The Remote Controller lets you customize the system to suit your needs for maximum savings or home back-up in the event of a power
  • The Storage Battery stores energy from the solar panels or from the utility company for use at night when solar panels don’t operate or during a power outage.
  • Home lighting, appliances and systems are powered first by the solar panels and the battery, and supplemented as needed by the utility company.